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Archdiocese of Bamenda: Pope Francis Raises five Priests to Monsignors Story: Mildred Ndum Wung Kum and Felicitas Ika Picture: New Monsignors holding appointment letters  Reverend Fathers  William Neba, John Ambe, Michael Yuh, Michael Kintang and Anthony Viban are five Priests, newly crowned as monsignors.  The honorific title conferred on them by Pope Francis was proclaimed by Andrew Nkea, Archbishop of Bamenda on 6th December 2022 at Our Lady of Fatima Queen of Peace Shrine, Abangoh, Bamenda. He broke the news of the newly appointed monsignors at Abangoh where Christians were gathered for a Eucharistic celebration to mark the end of "the Marian Year" declared by Pope Francis to run from December 8th 2021 to December 8th 2022.  The Archbishop announced to the Christian Community gathered that, Pope Francis has raised the five to  the rank of monsignors. Christians screamed in joy as a bull was read pronouncing new Monsignors in the Archdiocese of Bamenda. The reading of the
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Eto'o pounds on YouTuber in Doha sparking Shock  Screenshot photo from video of squabble  A video has surfaced online showing Samuel Eto'o Fils, President of the Cameroon Football Federation FECAFOOT venting anger on a man videotaping him as he posed for pictures with fans.  Amateur video on Eto'o encounter with man taking video  The incident that engulfed onlookers in shock is said to have occurred late on Monday evening at the 974 Stadium after Brazil’s 4-1 victory over South Korea in the round of 16 at the ongoing 2022 FIFA World Cup. Eto’o, a brand ambassador of the tournament is seen in the amateur video that had gone wild on social media, taking pictures with fans before venting his anger later on a man who was apparently taking a video of him at close range. It is not clear what must have caused the fury of the four-time African footballer of the year but he is seen been held back by close aides as he attempts to go out on the videographer who was already on the floo
  WEH OFFERS PRADO CAR TO FON Rumour that Car Cost  40M Dismissed The population of Weh have honoured the traditional leader of their land with a brand new vehicle. Sons and daughters of Weh in Cameroon and the Diaspora presented a Toyota Prado Car to His Royal Highness Fon Mbuh II. The gift was offered to him, 3rd December 2022, during an Annual General Assembly of the Weh Youth Association in Douala, economic capital of Cameroon. A message forwarded on social media from an unknown source claims that the car cost forty million Francs CFA.  Cameroon Infotrend contacted Peter Mue Ngha, President General of Weh Cultural and Development Association WECUDA to confirm the purported cost. "The social media quotings are all wrong. As a leader, I know where  such accountabilities are done and surely not on social media.  Therefore I would not talk about the cost on social media or press. Such information is very sensitive for the public especially in such times" the president General
Landslide Eye witness Wants Thorough Search, fears victims are trapped Underground  Symbolic grave, broken chairs at landslide area After a press release by government on the dead toll of a  landslide that occured at Damase neighborhood in Yaounde, Cameroon. An inhabitant is craving for manual search on fears that body parts may be buried underground.  "I don't think the number of victims declared dead by the government is the actual number of deaths. I was one of those who voluntarily rushed to rescue victims after the incident. A bulldozer came escarvating the soil searching for the corpses. I still fear that body parts are deep underground. I think a manual search would be more effective and should be done because there could be body parts underground. Human beings are sacred" eyewitness, Ottou Atanga, told the press. The landslide occured November 27, 2022 when a family was doing funeral celebration. A reclining surface of the earth void of embarkment breakaway, 4 pm
Perimeter Security Imposed at Damase Landslide area. All activities halted School at disaster site asked to relocate     Symbolic grave with candles and wreath at landslide area The minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji Paul has imposed a perimeter security at the landslide area in Damase, Yaounde. By the perimeter security, no activity is to be carried out where the landslide occured. He was speaking as he visited the area where a landslide happened.  "Firm foundation Anointed Academy" which is close to the area where earth slashed causing landslide has also been asked to relocate "We have a zone, the perimeter security where no one can invest. We have realized that the school is so close to the disaster zone. So the first thing is that we have discussed with the proprietor of the school to close the school so that they go to another side... Secondly we have to sensitise the population because we don't really know what it is all about. Is it a landslide
Day 10 Covid19 Campaign    It's free.Na Njoh Hurry up to kick out that COVID-19 It's free.Na Njoh No waste time Go take that vaccine now. Hurry up to kick out that COVID-19 Let's fight the virus Together we are strong #EndCovid22 #StopCovid22 #MINSANTE 
  Covid19 Campaign Day 9 For a strong Immunity against COVID-19  With the booster dose, health carers are armed against COVID-19. You too demonstrate solidarity by taking the vaccine. Let's be in this together. We are stronger together. Go take your COVID-19 vaccine  #EndCovid22 #StopCovid23 #MINSANTE